Kimtigo PC DDR3-1600


[Black diamond PCB board guarantees stability&Higher frequency and greatly enhanced bandwidth]
8-layer black diamond PCB board and brand new matte black solder mast are designed, with the anti-interference and anti-electrostatic performance; the gold finger is made through high-strength chemical plating, with better wear resistance and inoxidizability and better electrical conductivity, to guarantee the stability of data transmission.DDR3 memory with the frequency of 1600MHz realizes more rapid data exchange between transmission bandwidth and CPU, and favorably supports multi-threaded operation of operating system, multitasking operation and smooth operation of large games, bringing the jet experience with zero delay.

  • JEDEC standard design specification
  • 18.75mm VLP form factor,Higher of spatial matching
  • Support dual DIMM channal configuration, Performance improvement over 30%
  • Original quality DRAM selection and strict sorting pattern, Provide total solution of stability and reliability
  • Professional of PCB technology and 8 Layer PCB design key , keep of SI effectively
  • Compatible market mainstream platform"
    Type DDR3 240PIN DIMM
    Capacity 2GB,4GB,8GB
    Speed 1600MHz
    Voltage 1.5V/1.35V
    Form Factor 133*18.75mm
    Interface JEDEC DDR3 Standard
    CLnCK) 11
    TrpnCK) 11
    tRCDnCK) 11
    Bandwidth 12800 Mbps
    Op. Temp. 0~85
    Application Desktop