Kimtigo NB DDR4 -2400


[Curve design and highly wear-resistant electroplated gold finger]
The gold finger has better wear resistance than the ordinary gold finger of memory, with smooth curve design, and comparing with the traditional straight gold finger, it can guarantee steady installation and steady output of signal as well as convenient inserting and extracting.

  • JEDEC standard design specification
  • DDR4 new generation of architecture and bran-new DDR4 technical solution, to upgrade 1.7x speed and reduce 30% power
  • (Point to Point Topology configration)
  • (Bank Group Logical architecture)
  • (Write CRC function testing and data verification)
  • (PPR programmable option, support Address repair online)
  • (FGR auto self-refresh adjustment)
  • Support quad-DIMM channel configuration, Performance Upgrade over 40%
  • Original quality DRAM selection and strict sorting pattern, Provide total solution of stability and reliability
  • Professional of PCB technology and 8/10 Layer PCB design key , keep of SI effectively
  • Compatible market mainstream platform
    Type DDR4 288PIN DIMM
    Capacity 4GB,8GB,16GB 8GB,16GB
    Speed 2133MHz 2400MHz 2666MHz
    Voltage 1.2V
    Form Factor 133*31 mm
    Interface JEDEC DDR4 Standard
    CLnCK) 15(16) 17(16) 19
    TrpnCK) 15(16) 17(16) 19
    tRCDnCK) 15(16) 17(16) 19
    Bandwidth 17000 Mbps 19200 Mbps 21300 Mbps
    Op. Temp. 0~85 
    Application Desktop