kimtigo M.2 SSD

MG900 / MG930 / MG960

Support for TRIM command of Windows 7 with optimized write operation & high-performance after the long-term use. Support for power mode L0 &L1 with standby power consumption less than 0.35 W to enable power saving in standby mode.Designed for the clients with high demands of bandwidth to offer good user experience

  • NVMe 1.2 compliant & ultrafast transfer speed;
  • Use of wear leveling to get equalized overwriting of each blocks in the flash to reduce performance degradation and odds of wear.
  • Negligible WA to avoid too many flash erases to prolong the service life of SSD.
  • Model MG900 MG930 MG960
    Form Factor M.2 2280 (22 x 80 x 3.75mm)
    Interface PCIe 3.0*4
    Controller SM2260 SM2263XT SM2262
    Flash MLC 3D TLC 3D TLC
    Capacity 128-512GB 120-480GB 256GB-2TB
    Performance Seq. Read: Up to 2200MB/s Up to 2400MB/s Up to 3000MB/s
    Seq. Write: Up to 800MB/s Up to 1700MB/s Up to 2000MB/s
    Operation Voltage 3.3V ± 5%
    Operation Temperature 0-70°C
    MTBF 1,200,000 Hours
    TBW 128GB:200TB 120GB:50TB 120GB:50TB
    240GB:400TB 240GB:100TB 240GB:100TB
    512GB:800TB 480GB:200BT 480GB:200TB